Children’s Christmas Card Cover Design Contest 2018

This year Holy Family put it to our youth to help us design our Christmas card cover. We asked the youth of the parish to create an image of the Holy Family and/or a manger scene. We received some amazing art work! Holy Family is very blessed to have such wonderfully talented artists. Thank you to all who submitted; please view all the submissions below.

Congratulations to Tamajong (Tama) Ndifor for creating this beautiful image of the Holy Family on the night of Jesus’ birth, which was used on the cover of our Christmas card for 2018.

Created by Tama Ndifor, 15-years-old

Congratulations to all of the other talented runners-up for submitting your art work.

Austin Edmonds, 8-years-old

Rory Freyemuth, 11-years-old

Eva Cleveland, 5-years-old

James Cleveland, 7-years-old

Jackson Gabbert, 13-years-old

Kelly Gabbert, 11-years-old

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