Giving Tree Gifts Due to Parish

All Giving Tree gifts are due December 1 or 2. Please do not bring in before this date as we do not have space to store the gifts.
Each family member receives three basic gifts: shirt/sweatshirt, pants/jeans, and socks/underwear/ gloves. In addition, children receive two special gifts (e.g., toys, games) and adults will receive one special gift (e.g., gift card, household item, clothing). Please DO NOT ADD ANYTHING TO THE REQUESTED ITEM so that the gifts are equitable for all family members. Instead, think about choosing another ornament. Ornaments can be found on the trees located in various locations around the church. Take an ornament, purchase the desired gift, wrap it, and bring it back to church on December 1 or December 2.
Call Dawn Medina-Spencer to arrange for pick-up and delivery of large items. Small items may be brought to church, with the card attached on December 1 or December 2.

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