Our Future

Town Hall Meetings

The leadership of the parish would like to invite everyone to attend one of our three town hall meetings to discuss the possible expansion of our church and classroom spaces. Your questions and feedback are invaluable as decisions are made toward the future of our parish!

Meeting Dates:

  • Saturday, August 12, at 6 p.m. in the parish hall
  • Sunday, August 13, at 9:45 in the parish hall
  • Wednesday, August 16, at 6:30 p.m. in the church

Please view this message from Fr. Phil about upcoming town hall meetings.

Thank you for your participation in the Feasibility Study; your feedback was invaluable!

For years Holy Family has been preparing for the future needs of our community. We have improvised with our current space, paid off debt, purchased and sold the 106th and Woodland property and invested for the next step. Due to ever-changing circumstances, Holy Family has tried to remain true to who we are and make sound decisions. These decisions have been the result of town hall meetings, task force group meetings, as well as meetings with our Bishop. The direction taken involves much prayer and consideration of what is best for Holy Family.

Each parishioner is an important piece to this puzzle. The staff at Holy Family thanks you for taking the time to participate in our recent feasibility study. Tim Sweeny, with Praxis Non-Profit Strategies, did an excellent job of compiling the feedback from this parish community. The results gave the staff a strong indication of how you, each parishioner, wants to proceed.

To see the results of the survey, please click here.

To read the most recent Stepping Stones newsletter on our progress, please click here.

The task force group has been working with Father Philip, Marie Relic and Patty Rose in laying the groundwork for the parish’s consideration. The Task Force Committee consists of: Carol Anne Hoppins, Dean Prather and Jim Edwards from Pastoral Council, Scott McBee from the Finance Council, Joe Malicoat from the Facilities Committee, Becky Kopecky from the Stewardship Council and David Kreher, parishioner. This group has had many meetings with Tim Sweeny to jumpstart this process, which has now led to working with SFS Architecture. The key players with SFS are Mike Shaughnessy, Marsha Hoffman and Brian Garvey. Some 40 parishioners had the chance to meet these individuals during the brainstorming sessions in the fall of 2016. Those sessions gave parishioners the chance to “dream” of the ideal space for worship, classrooms and our parish hall.

Holy Family is now in the process of coming up with a possible blueprint for expansion. Different scenarios and associated costs are being explored. The hope is to present the plans to the leadership councils of the parish in March. Upon approval by the leadership of the parish, the plan will be presented to the entire parish at town hall meetings this spring.

The task force group looks forward to sharing this information with you. Until then, please pray about the future of Holy Family and where God will lead us.

Holy Family Prayer

Living as Jesus taught us,
we are a community of believers
dedicated to finding Christ
in our Sacraments
and our neighbors.

God of faith,
Help us embrace change,
yet still hold dear the family values
that make our community unique.
We answer the call to serve others.

God of hope,
Allow us to work in harmony,
united in appreciating the efforts of all.
Help us to be generous with our
time, talent and treasure.

God of love,
You challenge us to believe
in You and ourselves.
Give us the faith we need to build
a house on rock and not on sand.

Lord, lead us as we are to go today.

We celebrate. We grow. We live our faith.
© Holy Family Catholic Church