Together We Grow: Small Task-force Committees

Sneak Peak: Behind the scenes into the committees helping to create and design a beautiful and functional worship space, classroom wing and parish hall

Through the feasibility study, Holy Family received a glimpse into what we, as a parish, would like to see done within a major renovation to our existing home away from home. Our church and classroom / parish hall areas are now deep in the throes of planning for a revitalized look that will not only serve our growing parish, but be functional for all of the ministries and youth who use this parish seven days a week.

Did you know that Holy Family has formed several small task force groups who meet regularly to confirm all of our parishioner’s needs will be met in this renovation (as best we can)? These dedicated parishioners spend their free time to come together and discuss individual parts of the renovation. Each group focuses on a different area of the parish, and contains parishioners from all different ministries, backgrounds and ages to ensure we are providing the most complete renovation possible.

Parish Hall and Kitchen

Recently, the task force group dedicated to the parish hall and kitchenette met to converse on several areas of renovation and expansion. Solutions for additional (and needed) storage was outlined as well as a potential youth group space in addition to the parish hall. Also addressed was exactly what ministries use the kitchen and parish hall, the types of uses, and the specific needs for these uses on a regular basis. Additional items discussed included what type of technology would be used by the groups in this space, and what might work or function best in a large group setting and for intimate gatherings. Also on the agenda, furniture: the type of tables best suited for the most widely-used set-ups, chairs, what to keep and what to replace.


Another task-force group met to deliberate over the space above the parish hall, our classrooms. Traditional classroom necessities, such as new whiteboards, teacher clipboards and types of tables, was, of course, in the mix. But a few additional items that would help propel our catechism to the next level was examined as well. Being able to have the option to dim the lights rather than simply turn on or off was appealing to the group of catechists. The group weighed the need for updating the technology in each classroom to include wireless connections for the teachers and students with a handful of iPads or tablets. Also, the possibility to allow for webcams and to have live TV broadcast to each of the classrooms was discussed. Some other ways to keep the kids engaged in the biblical teachings included flexible seating, video cameras and green screen technology.

With all of the final details coming together, what an exciting time to be a part of our parish! These individuals are working hard to make this a reality for us. Thank you for dedicating your time and talent toward a bright future at Holy Family!

Stay tuned for an update on the expansion plans during Mass on January 26 and 27th.

*Images from the Parish Hall/Kitchen task-force meeting.

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