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Holy Family Love Stories 2

Dan Zager

I am a founding member of Holy Family. We were in St. Charles parish when Holy Family was formed. I live on the border of the two parishes and was given the choice of which one to belong to. We chose Holy Family and have never doubted that it was the right decision. We met many people over the years and made many friends. Holy Family has always supported us through sickness and death.

When I had heart surgery and my wife Judy was fighting ovarian cancer the people of Holy Family were very caring and willing to do anything we needed.

When Judy passed away, Peggy and Father Phil were very helpful and supporting. And the support continued afterward. Ours is a wonderful giving and welcoming place, and that is why enlarging and expanding is a good idea. I will always stay at Holy Family; it is my church.

Kori Smith

Holy Family Catholic Church is important to me because they treat everyone like family. Every Sunday that I walk through those doors, I am welcomed, and I feel at home. Rob runs a great Senior High Youth Night (SHYN) and everyone is super friendly.
I have made many memories in only a couple of years of my family being members of this church. My favorite memory was very recent, actually. It was the Peer Minister Retreat that we went to on August 10-11th. I loved it! When I first came to Holy Family, I was very shy and reserved. I was still learning about the faith and not confident in my knowledge. As I started coming to more and more events at Holy Family including Bible Study and SHYN, I started to inch out of my shell. I saw the biggest change in me at this retreat. I will never forget how fun and truly needed retreat that was for me.
My family and I moved churches when I was in 8th grade. We came from St. Therese and heard about Holy Family. So, we decided to check it out, and we loved it!

I would say that this time was kind of rough for my family because we were completely new and didn’t know anyone, but everyone made us feel welcomed and appreciated.

That made our transition very smooth.
Coming from a big church, I think Holy Family has a great space, but I completely understand the want and need to go bigger. Hopefully, this means more people! To me, having a youth hangout space would be a great idea. I think it would definitely get used and be appreciated. Through SHYN, we sometimes have to move chairs, tables, etc. and it would be awesome if we could have a space just for us. Also, I think that the room would make SHYN more special because kids will have a space to worship God, and talk with other peers while having their own space that they know is strictly for them.

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