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Holy Family Love Stories 4

Beth Potts

We moved here from Virginia in June 2016 and I was excited and terrified at the thought of finding a new church family. The church we were “assigned to” in our previous diocese was not welcoming and, though I’m a cradle Catholic, I never felt comfortable there. Holy Family was the complete opposite. Immediately people were welcoming, from Father Phil’s invitation to thank each other for coming to mass, to a personal invitation for us to join Dinner for 8. In very short time, my four-year-old marched around the aisles giving high fives, and we’ve been thanked many times for bringing our kids to church, even if they aren’t always perfect angels.
My biggest falling in love moment, though, is best described in this Facebook post from month after we started going to Holy Family:
“I’m not into PDA, but I just have to say… I love my new church! Today the entire church (at all services) raised up a newly deceased parishioner and sang a verse of Amazing Grace. And they do this for each parishioner when they die. With the exception of small town southern churches, I’ve never been in a church with so much universal love for everyone.”

Whitney Havelka

Through the music, homilies, and scripture, Holy Family has really helped to continue our faith journey. As a family, we are all able to come and worship and walk with God each week. Then we are able to take those teachings and uses them in our everyday lives.
Stephen’s family had been going to Holy Family since pretty much the beginning. I wasn’t raised catholic but attended catholic college. The church I had attended with my family moved and changed. That’s when I began going to Mass at school and transitioned into Holy Family as Stephen and I began dating.

Holy Family just has such a welcoming vibe. We love how friendly everyone is and how the church goes above and beyond to help you in your faith journey.

The church has helped me to become stronger in my faith as I completed the RCIA program about 10 years ago. We were married here and have had both children baptized here. Our family has been blessed with strong roots over our years here at Holy Family.
Holy Family does many things to help others. Just having friendly staff that listen and offer advice has really been a blessing for us. Whether it be finishing college, preparing for marriage and also preparing for birth, it’s always nice to know that we have friends at Holy Family willing to be there for our family.
This [expansion] would just add to our worship space. Some masses can be cramped and can be difficult at times, especially with young kids. This will greatly help with more space. Also bigger classrooms for PSR and other activities will hopefully make for more involvement.

We celebrate. We grow. We live our faith.
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