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Holy Family Love Stories 5

Michelle Morris

I’m old school Catholic and have found this parish has re-ignited my faith, my devotion to God, and has given me a wonderful sense of belonging to a large and loving (holy) family.

We moved to KC in April of 2016 to be closer to our family. I found I could attend either St James in Liberty, or Holy Family. I think the Holy Spirit lead me to Holy Family, and I’m so glad He did! However, I must admit, the first time I heard Fr Phil say, “Can I get an Amen?!” I was wondering if I was in the wrong church! Coming from a rather large, conservative parish I had never, ever, heard this kind of excitement and enthusiasm from a pastor – or the parishioners! I quickly adapted and now look forward to participating in Holy Mass every Sunday! That enthusiasm is definitely contagious and the best form of evangelization ever! AMEN!!
Because of this incredible sense of community I feel when attending Mass, it didn’t take much for me to join in a few of the many ministries offered here. I have been made to feel so welcome and have enjoyed Cooking Like Grandma, Tuesday Evening Prayer Group, volunteering at Love, Inc, and starting this year I’m teaching 1st grade PSR. I’ve made some life-long friends along the way, and can’t put into words how all of this has enhanced my faith journey! There’s something for everybody here!
Additional, expanded worship space can only enhance and improve how we praise God! I love the church, and it doesn’t matter where we worship, but I do look forward to a more church-like atmosphere. Our choir is already so awesome, and I can’t imagine how they will sound after our improvements!
I also look forward to more classroom and PSR space. Religious education for children is close to my heart and I totally advocate any improvements that will help us share our faith with our younger parishioners.
I’m old school Catholic and have found this parish has re-ignited my faith, my devotion to God, and has given me a wonderful sense of belonging to a large and loving (holy) family. I look forward to all the improvements being proposed, and how I can continue to actively participate in this parish life.

Paula Villavicencio

Holy Family is important to me because it feels like a second home. That is the reason why I love to be involved in the church, whether it’s altar serving, playing the drums, being a teen aide in Parish School of Religion or just helping in the events that happen in the church.

Once I step onto the grounds of the church, I feel relieved because it’s a place where I can be safe and there is many wonderful people around to talk to and get to know.

My favorite memories of being in Holy family is participating in Vacation Bible School (VBS). At VBS I am able to share and express my talents where I worship Jesus. Also I am able to teach the younger kids to be faithful and to always have God in your heart. Holy Family has helped me through tough times by allowing me to be one-on-one with God. I am able to have a conversation with Him, not saying my wants but my biggest concerns in daily living.
Lastly, if the youth had their own hang out space, that would be amazing because that would give us our own area to be ourselves. The one room we always hang-out in is hard because there are times where events are also held there or the PSR kids might need it for something, even the kitchen, and it is kind of distracting. If that were ever possible to do in the near future, the youth would love it dearly.

Frank and Becky Boos

We both love the joyful worship at Holy Family and the wonderful family of saints that make up its members. We have both made many friends and acquaintances. We look forward to the expansion of Holy Family so that there can be even more education and social activities to bring us all together.

We celebrate. We grow. We live our faith.
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