Together We Grow Capital Campaign 2017-2020
Holy Family Love Stories 1

Kim and Dave Rogowski

Co-Chairs on the Together We Grow Capital Campaign 2017-2020

Holy Family became “Home” to us after struggling with our faith after major changes occurred in our former parish. Our kids were invited to participate in the youth programs at Holy Family by friends and they enjoyed their experience (we firmly believe God was at work then). We began attending Holy Family regularly and very quickly felt that sense of “Home” we had been missing. Holy Family has provided a stable “Spiritual Home” for our family as we faced the many challenges related to the teenage years of our children.
We have many opportunities to travel as a result of business and in those travels we have had the opportunity to celebrate mass in a variety of regions, in a variety of churches with quite a variety of personalities. As Dorothy said in the Wizard of OZ, “There is no place like home.” The people, music, priests and spirit that we have been blessed with here at Holy Family are the greatest.
We have been very blessed to be in a position where we have not had to lean on the support of our Holy Family family, however we have had many friends who have and it has been amazing to see the support and comfort that have come from the staff and members of the parish. It gives us great comfort to know that when our time comes, and it will someday, we will have a great family to lean on and help us through our tough times.
Holy Family is our “Spiritual Home.” As with our personal home, we recognize that updates, expansions and other improvements are inevitable. We look at the proposed renovations and expansion at Holy Family as the same natural course of progress that any house would experience as a family grows. Just as a new coat of paint, a new kitchen or even a new room addition would not only fulfill a need but also make us feel rejuvenated about our personal living space, we feel as strong that the proposed renovations and expansions proposed for Holy Family are needed and would bring a new sense of refreshment to our physical environment.

Rozanne and Dean Prather

Co-Chairs on the Together We Grow Capital Campaign 2017-2020

It was 1989 and we were thrilled to be coming back to Kansas City after being away for several years – first at college, then in St. Louis as we started our careers.
It was a time of anticipation, hope, and excitement in our young marriage: we were expecting our first child, hunting for a first house, and seeking a spiritual home.
As in everything, God’s timing was perfect.
Back in the day, Holy Family had a Welcome Committee in which members visited the homes of new parishioners. Thinking back to that spring evening when Scott Loehr sat in our living room with a church directory and pocket folder of opportunities, it was the beginning of our Holy Family Love Story. This simple act of welcoming touched our hearts and reeled us in.
In the span of 28 years we’ve immersed our souls into many rewarding ministries: RCIA, Art & Environment, the Jordan Program, Marriage Preparation, Coffee & Donuts, Parish Picnic Chairs, Funeral Dinners, Dinner for 8, Lector, Usher, and Parish Council.
But, by far, the most meaningful ministry at Holy Family is one our Community does best: loving one another.
As in any great love story, it’s the people who make it great. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, and led by our amazing pastors – Fr. Pat, Fr. Lloyd, Fr. Robert, Fr. Matthew, and Fr. Phil – God continues to bless our Community with warmth, hospitality, generosity, caring, hope, compassion, faith, and friendship.
Like that young couple in anticipation so many years ago, we’re just as hopeful and excited today for the good that is yet to be at our beloved Holy Family.

We celebrate. We grow. We live our faith.
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