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I am interested in helping in the following areas:

Crew Group Leader (PK-1st/2nd-3rd/4th/5th)Crew Group Assistant (PK-1st/2nd-3rd/4th/5th)Imagination Station Leader (PK-1st/2nd-3rd/4th/5th)Imagination Station Assistant (PK-1st/2nd-3rd/4th/5th)HospitalityBible Discovery Leader (PK-1st/2nd-3rd/4th/5th)Bible Discovery Assistant (PK-1st/2nd-3rd/4th/5th)Castaway Sing and Play LeaderCastaway Sing and Play AssistantPhotography

*If you have questions about what each leader or assistant does, please contact Mindy at mindy@holyfamily.com or 816-436-9200 for clarification.

Any special requests:

I give permission for photos and/or video of myself to be taken for parish use in print and social media.

The Diocese requires ALL volunteers working with youth and/or children to participate in a Protecting God's Children class and have a background check done. If you have not already taken care of these, please contact Mindy Lehman.

If you have any questions, please contact Mindy Lehman at 816-436-9200 or email at mindy@holyfamily.com.

Daycare for helpers will be available

Please add your child(ren)'s name, age and if they are potty-trained in the space below:

Does your child(ren) attending daycare have any health concerns? Please print the name before the health concern(s).

I request Holy Family Catholic Church to allow my child to participate in Vacation Bible School by attending the nursery. I give my permission for my child to participate in this activity. I hereby release and save harmless Holy Family Catholic Church and any and all employees and volunteers from any injury resulting from this activity.

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